Hands in, Aca-bitches!

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Talk Stoop featuring Angie Harmon

jane rizzoli being adorable af (5x05)


Jane casts her gaze down and fumbles with her fingers, the smile on her lips growing with each second that passes. “She’s our first, Maura,” she begins, trailing her finger down the faint pattern of the duvet, “and she’s already going to school.” 

Maura sits on the edge of their bed and reaches a hand over, catching Jane’s. “I know, I can’t believe it either.” She thumbs the fading scar on the palm in her grasp. It’s always soothed Jane, Maura’s touch, and they fall into a comfortable silence as light continues to seep into the room and the seconds pass.

The clock on the wall ticks loudly, yet it’s only when a small laugh erupts from the room next door do they take notice of the time that’s passed. Four years. Forty-eight months. Over a thousand days. The faintest hint of a smile still on her lips, Jane sighs, nostalgia leaving with her words.

"Our baby’s growing up."

Dylan runs in and jumps on the bed, “HURRY HURRY I CANT BE LATE!”

Jane smiles because Dylan shares her mommy’s enthusiasm for school already and it’s everything she has ever wanted and more.


Anna Kendrick, by Annelise Phillips for Remix